The Amazing Sheltie!

That was Dad making the heading for me... I hear the way they talk about me. They say I whine, I whimper, Iím spoiled rotten, I bark too much. I think all this teasing means they love me!

What can I say... (well, arf!) Momís going to have to help me because I really donít remember my life before her (I was 6 weeks... who can remember life before that?!)

Mom got me from Barrnone Kennels in Apex, NC.  I was the biggest in the litter, and very curious.  (Now I think she regrets that!  Sheís got tons of pictures of me that you can see on the Pictures page, but she didnít want to make everyone sort through them right here (just in case you donít like dogs - I donít understand that, but she says some people donít). She also put my doggie family tree online so that I can remember who my dog-parents are.

I was socialized very well when I was a puppy - I met people, I met dogs, and I became the very friendly guy that I am. Iíve got my quirks though - sometimes I walk on linoleum and hardwoods just fine, sometimes I play a game where I think the floorís going to eat me, so I hug the walls.  I hate getting my toenails cut and my paw fur trimmed, which happens way too much. But I love getting my teeth brushed (which happens way too little) - but Mom found these great Greenies, which I love and which got my teeth all clean!

When we moved to Connecticut, I was thrilled!  Cooler weather (the south was hard with all this fur), more snow, and the Southbury Dog Park!  Plus, whem Mom and Dad moved into their house, I got a huge yard to run around in. Since most of itís in the front, they got me an invisible fence (this is an interesting thing - I run and play but if I get too close to *something* (Iím still learning) I get beeped at and shocked and I jump!) Then I run back to safety!  But, it means I have my whole yard!!

Today we just got our first snow.  I went outside and mushed my nose in it - snowís wonderful!

Oh, Mom says I should put some of my favorite links here...

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Two Dog Lodge - great for when Mom and Dad go skiing - I can come too!

RadioFence - Mom says I should put this because they love the invisible fence - Iíd rather run free, but they seem to like me being safe.