Hi, Im Karen Zeilnhofer!  Tory, who has his own webpage, is our spoiled sheltie. Hes also usually shadowing either Ed or me...him and all his fur!


A little about me - I used to have a normal last name - right up until July 2004.  Were planning to put some of our wedding pictures on the webpage (were also planning to make a wedding album for ourselves - well see which gets done first!

I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, where my parents still live. I went to Riverside High School and graduated in 1994, and then continued on to Clemson - a family tradition. My blood runs orange!

I co-oped with IBM while I was there, and after graduating in Accounting in 1998, I went back to IBM.  I was in Raleigh, NC until 2003, and then moved up to the North!   Lucky for me, I dont have a southern accent!

Ed and I met in May of 2003 (hes part of why I left the warm South - which I still tease him about) through a good friend of ours, who doesnt have a webpage for me to show you.  Tory took to him immediately - he thought the dinner Ed had cooked for me was for him, and stole some of it from the table (which is a feat for a dog that cant see the top of a table!)

They got their dominance issues out, and Ed won, though Torys got both of us wrapped around his little paw.